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Why An Art Workshop for Healing?

Why an art workshop for healing?

As a working artist, I can say that artmaking is good for the mind, soul and spirit. It may not be perfect or solve everything one is trying to achieve, but it can be a start. The process itself is the key. What is process? Taking time to think about what to do, what moves you, and planning through research of how to do it. What does this professional art process have to do with loss? In this case, the goal is healing. How does one attain that? Healing is a process also! It is different for everyone and the tools to get there are many. Making art is a creative outlet. It is about getting ideas out from your mind and onto a surface. It is about reflection. It is about trying and trying again.

An Art Workshop for Healing is about the process.

Photo: Patricia Denys

The beginning of an art project may be a few sketches with a pencil or a few phone photos. This is the start of your story. When a workshop is in a non-judgmental group that shares the excruciating experience of grief, the group itself engenders a sense of belonging. It is emotional, joyous, and self-revealing. There are tears and there is laughter. The workshop is to honor and to celebrate!

There are no strict rules to an art workshop. One does not have to be an artist to start the process of making art. Sometimes words are not enough to express emotion, especially when one does not know what one is trying to say about something so deep within one like loss/grief.  Art is a positive way to start the healing process.

Your creations or memorials are the result of your process to honor and to rekindle hope on your path of emotional restoration. Remember, it may not be perfect or solve everything one is trying to achieve, but it can be a start and in a positive, creative way.

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