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Storytelling Through Journaling

Consider nature as a theme when storytelling through journaling

The process of storytelling through journaling can be rather therapeutic. Humans have been recording and storytelling as long as they could pick up something to draw with. Writing, drawing, painting, collaging, and photography are some ways to tell a story. Journaling is a creative way to record a story using any or all of the methods described above.

Why are we drawn to recording? The results can be gratifying for mental health as a stress reducer, a coping mechanism, or simply to create time to reflect with mindfulness. This all contributes to stress management!

Sharing your thoughts and feelings

A journal can stimulate one’s imagination and creativity without judgment. Creating a journal that is subject-based, such as concentrating on Nature allows one time to clarify thoughts and feelings in order to manifest those thoughts into something tangible. Storytelling through journaling also helps to communicate those thoughts and feelings to others in a way to build a movement or your tribe.

Like a sketchbook, storytelling through journaling helps to refine ideas and archive those ideas. A journal as a narrative for storytelling not only uses words, but can utilize any medium one desires for exploration and experimentation and that can be very powerful!

If you have a story to tell about Nature or any animal issue, please join me for a Journaling for Nature Workshop and begin your narrative! Similar to my Healing from Animal Loss Workshops I will be announcing our new Journaling For Nature Workshop soon. Stay tuned.

Do you have a story to tell? I would love to hear it!

Participate and be heard in a healing art workshop for animal/planet loss. Are you ready?