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PHOTO: Elephant Nature Park

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Combat Compassion Fatigue with these techniques.
Compassion Fatigue – Saving the World has a Price.

Those of us who are involved in animal/planet care have likely experienced “Compassion Fatigue”. You know, the inevitable emotional ups and downs. Being compassionate is a job. You show up every day, rarely miss a day, weekends and holidays included, you think about a…

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Consider nature as a theme when storytelling through journaling
Storytelling Through Journaling

The process of storytelling through journaling can be rather therapeutic. Humans have been recording and storytelling as long as they could pick up something to draw with.

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How we view and treat animals.
One Critical Factor on How We View and Treat Animals

Photo: jo-anne McArthur

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5 Tips To Being A Good Wildlife Neighbor

Spring is here and with that comes more wildlife out and about and babies! We notice more wildlife because the days are longer and we, as humans, are out more too. What can one do to be a good neighbor to wildlife?

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Michelle Tinkham: Ofrenda of Remembrance for Animal Companions
A Process of Healing from Loss

Grief Is A Process. Art Is A Process of Healing. I recently had a participant in my Animal Loss Healing Workshop say, referring to her companion animal loss, “I didn’t think I was ready but now, I think, I’m ready.” She realized she was ready to memorialize and honor her companio…

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Animal Memorial Tree
The Secret Animal Memorial Tree of Central Park

There is a secret tree in New York’s Central Park that for the past 40 years has magically transformed into a living Animal Memorial.

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Why an art workshop for healing?
Why An Art Workshop for Healing?

As a working artist, I can say that artmaking is good for the mind, soul and spirit. It may not be perfect or solve everything one is trying to achieve, but it can be a start. The process itself is the key. What is process? Taking time to think about what to do, what moves&hellip…

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Nalu Shrine by Crystal Lamirande
What is an Animal Chaplain?

An animal chaplain is a person who is there to offer spiritual and emotional support for humans and animals at the beginnings and the in-betweens of an animal’s life, not just the end. Companion animals come to mind first perhaps, but an animal chaplain is also there if you need …

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