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A Virtual Animal Loss Healing Workshop
Using the Power of Art to Heal

A Shrine For Black Cats, Patricia Denys
“A Shrine For Black Cats,” Patricia Denys

Loving in Presence & Loving in Absence Through Art Making
Patricia Denys, MFA, Animal Chaplain

An Interfaith – Interspecies Art Workshop

Workshop Overview: Discover solace and emotional restoration through the transformative Workshop: “Animal Loss Healing Workshop.” This innovative virtual experience combines the healing power of art with compassionate support, and deep listening, creating a space for individuals coping with the profound pain of losing a beloved animal companion or any animal related loss such as wildlife, shelter animals, loss of animals one cares for as caregivers, veterinarians, and staff, or any species in peril.

No supplies necessary for the first session. The first workshop is an introduction and features examples of how humans have honored and memorialized animals to help them make sense of their loss. No art training necessary! Then we explore art-making options such as sketching, journaling, mood board making, painting, collage, shrine or altar making, photography or whatever works best for you to find solace and peace. After a week we meet again to share our work and discoveries with the group.

Workshop Features:

Guided Art Sessions: Immerse yourself in therapeutic art activities led by a professional artist, educator and empathetic Animal Chaplain. Through painting, drawing, collage, shrine making, photography, and more, you’ll find a channel for your emotions, facilitating the healing process.

Reflective Exercises: Navigate your grief journey with introspective exercises designed to delve into your emotions and memories. These exercises promote personal growth and self-awareness.

Storytelling and Sharing: Forge connections with fellow participants by sharing stories and memories of your love and compassion for animals, and for Nature. Facilitated by expertise, these storytelling sessions foster a supportive and empathetic atmosphere.

Guidance from Experts: Patricia is a Compassion Consortium Animal Chaplain. She specializes in loss offering expert guidance, coping strategies, and a secure environment for processing complex emotions. This professional support will help you navigate your grief journey.

Animal Loss Healing Workshop Features Include:

Virtual Community: Access the workshop from anywhere via a secure online platform, connecting with individuals worldwide who understand your experience. This virtual community promotes a sense of belonging and mutual understanding.

Memorial Creation: Honor your love through personalized artistic memorials. These memorials serve as enduring testaments to the love and joy you shared.

Artistic Freedom: Embrace your individuality with the freedom to express yourself authentically. There are no rigid artistic rules, allowing you to channel your emotions and healing journey uniquely. You will have the opportunity to continue your art practice after the workshop.

OUTCOME: The “Healing from Animal Loss” Workshop empowers you to navigate grief, honor your love, and embark on a path of healing. By infusing your emotions into artistic creations, you’ll find comfort and resilience, rekindling hope and forming connections with others who share your journey.

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Photo: Kaavan © Save Elephant Foundation
Paula ©Farm Sanctuary
Captive Dolphin ©Jo-Anne McArthur/One Voice/We Animals Media

Photos above, courtesy of their ©holders and Animal Culture Magazine.

Book Recommendation:

Sacred Sendoffs by Sarah A. Bowen

Sacred Sendoffs:
An Animal Chaplain’s Advice for Surviving Animal Loss,
Making Life Meaningful, and Healing the Planet
by Sarah A. Bowen

To learn more about Patricia’s Animal Chaplaincy please visit her page here.

Patricia is a Compassion Consortium Animal Chaplain.

Animal loss healing workshop from Compassion Consortium Chaplain Patti Denys